ADLA nailing machine
for pallets and packaging

ADLA nailing machines are pallet and packaging machines whose simple and reliable technology offers the perfect combination of innovation and savings, reducing costs and processing times.

ADLA 3500 DD
maximum versatility
ADLA 3500 5PM3
maximum production of large formats
nailing machine which can be equipped by the purchaser with their own nail guns and their own guides/jigs

Extremely economical and flexible, the basic version of our nailing machine can be equipped by the purchaser with their own nail guns, their own guides/jigs and with all the accessories already in use in the company.

ADLA can also meet all pallet and packaging manufacturer needs by completing the basic machine with a vast range of accessories, including an innovative nailing system using bulk nails that allow planting in sequence of 3 types of different nails of your choice in a single passage.

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