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Nailing Machines
for pallets and packaging

A basic machine that
can be customized
with your accessories

Original A.D.L.A., nailing machine
synonymous with flexibility
and savings.

Save money and time for your work with...
The Nailing Machine PM3® (Patent Pending)

This is an innovative and cost-saving product
capable of changing the nail type while moving.

Our one and only focus is
the quality of your work

Over 30 years of experience in the pallet
and packaging sector, enable us to offer you
the best “made in Italy” products .

A wide range of accessories
to meet all your needs

Discover all the accessories that help
you adapt the machine to your specific work.
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Original A.D.L.A.

at the service
of simplicity
Discover all the features of our nailing machine.

Discover the accessories

A flexible
and modular
nailing machine
Nailing heads for coil nails or for bulk nails, bulk nail distributors, masks / templates and ejectors.

Quality in our work

The Made
in Italy
Over thirty years of experience in the pallets and wood packaging sector.